A Guy Named Kenneth Rogers, Who Is a Miserable Human Being, Is Suing VIBE Magazine


While most normal, functioning human beings with brains and consciences and feelings for other human beings react at things like the closing of VIBE magazine–one of those elegantly sad duets of massive job loss combined with significant cultural loss–with sensitivity and compassion, there are always exceptions. Such as, for instance, the clown owner of Chicago’s Think Big Studios, who was hosting a shoot for the magazine on the day of its collapse, and who, upon hearing the news, panicked at the potential loss of $390 dollars and called the VIBE offices personally to harangue a photo assistant who had just lost her job. Or, to take another example, the former VIBE subscriber Kenneth Rogers, an Alabama resident who apparently has nothing better to do with his life than to sue VIBE for not honoring the complete and total balance of the $9.95-$14.95 he paid for a subscription to the mag three months before the whole thing collapsed.

The lawsuit, which is below, is a painful read, the gist being that Rogers is attempting to get a class action suit going against the magazine for all those who have not been provided with refunds for their pre-paid subscriptions. It quotes liberally and seemingly pointlessly from Quincy Jones’s idle and likely false promise to repurchase the magazine and claims that the defendant has been mortally injured because VIBE doesn’t come in the mail anymore, and he hasn’t even received a check for his troubles. For good measure, Rogers also asks that his attorney’s fees be paid and “other legal and/or equitable relief as justice requires,” which if he actually cared about justice or better yet even karmic justice, he never would’ve brought such a miserable useless suit in the first place. In summation, please pull the phone numbers and email addresses of this guy’s worthless attorneys off the document and commence hassling them now or, better yet, wait till their practice collapses and then demand some tiny, insignificant bit of compensation for the insult of them just having lost their livelihood.

‘Vibe’ Shutdown Leaves Subscribers With Bad Vibes [Cityfile]