Do We Want Paula Abdul Back on Idol?


Remember when Simon Cowell assured everyone that Paula Abdul would be back as a judge for another season? Well, maybe not this time around. Reports have had it that contract negotiations with Paula have been “hurtful” (Meaning what? Lots of slappping and hair pulling?). Supposedly, the “Straight Up” singer wants a big raise, whereas some of the other judges don’t want her back at all, while some Fox execs would LOVE her back, blah blah blah. It’s enough to give you the kind of headache Paula so often seems to be suffering.

Well, I feel it’s imperative that she come back to the show, especially since I don’t watch it. Her “antics” that some find so distasteful actually make for great copy, so I think it’s very important to keep her around as a celebrity. And it’s helpful to have a nice judge on the panel, someone not out to destroy the show biz dreams of 19-year-olds who’d rather proceed to an arena than to a mental ward.

Meanwhile, something cynical in me wonders if all this back-and-forth is just another bullshit ploy from the show that’s so calculated in all of its supposed spontaneity. Then again I never thought Paula was singing in the first place.