ESPN Hits Back at NY Post for Nude Andrews Pix, Bans Reporters


We were wondering what the fallout might be from the New York Post‘s smarmy coverage of the Erin Andrews nude story. While Andrews’ and ESPN’s lawyers were quickly jumping on web sites that even linked to the footage allegedly filmed via a peephole, the Post was running fuzzy nude stills from the purloined video with blackout strips on its front page. The paper affected to be part of the crusade to nab the invaders of Andrews’ privacy (“ANGRY ERIN ANDREWS WON’T REST UNTIL PEEP PERV IS JAILED”), but we expected none of the principals would be fooled by that.

Today Newsday reveals that ESPN has banned Post reporters from its TV and radio stations. A senior communications officer at ESPN says, “In light of the New York Post‘s decision to run graphic photos of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, we have decided to stop utilizing Post reporters on any of our outlets.” This presumably includes Post sports reporter Joel Sherman, who appears on 1050 ESPN radio.

This ban, as long as it lasts, will probably be the extent of ESPN’s direct assault on the Post. That’s not to say Andrews, the really aggrieved party, will let it rest there, though.