Everyone Wants to Fire Joel Klein Except Bloomberg


Fresh off his audit of the department of education’s graduation rate figures, which he found unconvincing, mayoral candidate Bill Thompson says school chancellor Joel Klein “should be fired; it’s as simple as that.” Hey, that’s what mayoral candidate Tony Avella said, albeit more eloquently (“It would be my pleasure to say to him, ‘You’re fired… don’t let the door hit you on your way out'”). And what mayoral candidate Reverend Billy said! And — for us, the clincher — that’s what the New York State Communist Party said. Spoiling the consensus is Mayor Bloomberg, who says Klein is great and plans to keep him.

Klein was most recently in the news for awarding a $95 million no-bid DOE contract to a Florida company that has no offices. You don’t want to fuck with Joel Klein, fellas. Look what happened to Linda Tripp!