Get Ready for Super Size Me, the Comic Book; Black Currants Legal & Delicious


Super Size Me‘s Morgan Spurlock has teamed up with Dark Horse Comics for a graphic novel entitled Supersized: Strange Tales From a Fast Food Culture, set for publication in the spring and inspired by real life fast-food tales, such as a fat man whose cremation made a mortuary smell like fries.

As Manhattanites get thinner, Bronxites are getting fatter. More than 62 percent of Bronx residents are overweight, which is more than any other borough, while just over 42 percent of Manhattanites are overweight, the lowest rate of obesity in the state.
[NY Times]

Farmer’s markets may increasingly accept food stamps, but are still out of reach for many, for whom it’s cheaper to buy a Big Mac or even canned veggies. As an extra incentive, the Department of Health’s Health Bucks program gives shoppers an extra $2 for every $5 worth of food stamps spent on produce.
[NY Daily News]

The ban on trans fats was successful, reports show. By November 2008, more than 98 percent of city restaurants stopped using trans fats for cooking, frying, and baking. Despite protests, the transition has been smooth and trans-fat restriction now goes relatively unnoticed.

Black currants were illegal for much of the last century due to a fungus the bushes can carry that is lethal for many pine trees. Since New York lifted its ban on black currants in 2003, farmers have started growing the berries, and restaurants like Dressler are serving them.
[NY Times]