Man Arrested in Christian Speaker’s Death Says Victim Literally Asked for It (Updated)


The murder of Christian* motivational speaker Jeff Locker is probably the most bullshit-enhanced crime story of the month. At first, when the motivator was found stabbed on the Triborough Bridge, after telling his wife by phone that he was being helped with a flat tire by a helpful “couple,” Locker seemed a victim of a random urban crime. Then it turned out Locker had been patronizing a prostitute in the area — giving his wife the cover story that he was staying overnight at the La Quinta Inn in Jersey to get in early games of golf — and that his prostitute had turned on him and recruited assistants to first torture his PIN number out of him, then stab him dead. Cops got surveillance video of the killers withdrawing Locker’s cash, and by this were led to one Kenneth Minor, who is now in their custody. Minor, probably figuring that people will now believe anything about this guy, has made it interesting by claiming Locker was looking to commit suicide and enlisted him, presumably out of the Yellow Pages, to help him pull it off. The hooker and other killer are still at large.

Update: In comments and elsewhere, enraged defenders of the faith tell us Locker was not a Christian. Upon review, we find Locker’s “spiritual self-help” new-age schtick, though it resembles modern Christian uplift and even invokes quasi-Christian principles, mentions Jesus not at all. We regret the imputation that true disciples of Our Lord might be involved in sexual misconduct.