Richard Kern Directs New Lissy Trullie Video “Ready for the Floor”


Somewhere in the midst of Lissy Trullie’s new video for her Hot Chip cover “Ready for the Floor,” it occurred that everything and everyone looked both uncommonly beautiful and vaguely porno–the signature of, it turns out, the video’s director, Richard Kern, whose music videos for Sonic Youth and King Missile were avant staples of the ’80s and early ’90s. Since then, Kern’s turned mostly to soft porn, nudes, and fetish photography, so it’s no small thing that Trullie–whose sleek, dynamic looks, downtown credentials, and demonstrable penchant for leather had to be the draw for Kern here–got the director to come out of semi-retirement or at least quiescence to do a video for her. They picked the right song. Despite “Ready for the Floor” being a cover, it’s still the darkest, most complicated, and appealing thing in Trullie’s short catalogue, and Kern’s grainy visuals and washed out colors do wonders for it. Striking, glittery clothes by, I think–and in case you were wondering, which, you know, maybe– Herve Leger, at least according to the band.