Subway Cars Donated for Artificial Reefs are Disintegrating, Program Suspended


Remember when former mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner wanted subway cars dumped in the Hudson to create an environmentally groovy artificial reef? And how, when New York couldn’t get it together, we started shipping the cars to Delaware, where they were dumped instead? We have some bad news for Delaware. Unknown to us, New Jersey has been dunking our subway cars for years. But someone recently noticed that some of the subway cars were showing signs of damage after just months underwater. The EPA had told them that the cars would last at least 25 years. Turns out the older Redbird cars are doing okay, but the later, stainless-steel models were deteriorating at a rapid pace. Jersey has suspended its program, and will concentrate on sinking rocks, “prefabricated reef balls,” and “a surf clam boat” instead. Looks like the Hudson River dodged some stainless-steel bullets. As for Delaware — well, sorry. We meant well.