‘Taxidermia’: A Film About Gluttony From Hungary


Gyorgy Palfi’s Taxidermia was released in his native Hungary in 2006, and has only now made its way to the US. It premiered in Portland last year, and will be screened in Los Angeles and New York August 14. The fantastical storyline surrounds three generations of men, each with insatiable appetites — be it for food or, ahem, other things — and each somehow obsessed with their bodies. The first is a soldier and chronic masturbater, the second a morbidly obese competitive eater, and the third a taxidermist intent on stuffing himself.

Quoth a reviewer from the Willamette Week:

“A lowly soldier has the unique gift of turning his penis into a flamethrower. Morbidly obese athletes stand around a massive trough, forcing themselves to vomit while discussing true love. Ravenous cats are fed a steady diet of butter. A taxidermist decides to try his hand at body art. A baby is born with a tail. Pig fucking. Murder. Adultery. Insanity…

“Hands down, Hungarian director Gyorgy Palfi’s batshit crazy Taxidermia is the most twisted and bizarre film in this year’s PIFF line-up, if not one of the strangest films ever conceived. It’s grounded in the bizarre and the grotesque, mining deep into the nastiness of human nature, but at the same time allowing small rays of light to shine down at the most unexpected moments, creating a jarring, often hilarious, always nauseating ride.”

Popcorn, anyone?

[via Eat Me Daily]