Tonight! Kora/Banjo Music, Dubstep


Popular musicians from Africa (see: K’Naan, Baaba Maal) often compare themselves to griots, the hereditary retainers of histories, art, and song. Instead renown Kora player Foday Musa Suso, who was actually born into the caste, makes overtures with American folk music at the City Winery tonight. These compositions are remarkable.

Malajube continues to sing in French despite moderate commercial success, which, now that we think of it, really shouldn’t seem so out there. The brazenly Canadian indie band plays Maxwell’s.

Plastician produces and mixes dubstep, a minimal blend of driving drums and sub-frequencies that lay waste to subwoofers. He’s at Santos’ Party House.

The indiscriminate Charlie Haden gets with a new pianist every night this week, and the Jazz in July series gets under way.