A Gay Bravo Show About Tops?


Remember Greg Scarnici, the white guy who did the hilarious Aretha Franklin homage which I posted on this blog after the inauguration? No? Well, now he’s done a parody of Top Chef as if it were a gay Bravo show called Top Top!

This video is a faux trailer for Top Top as hosted by Adam Lambert and Joan Rivers, who are played here by Scarnici and Sherry Vine. It will be used in Greg and Sherry’s The Buddy and Barbara Comedy Hour, a homage to Sonny-and-Cher-style programs, which will surface at Ars Nova on July 28 and August 18.

If you’re more confused than ever, you can’t hold a gay candle to my mental messiness over all this high-camp identity switching. But just sit back and enjoy the clip. It’s tops!