Anti-Gay Human Rights Prof Out at NYU Law


Dr. Li-Ann Thio, the Singaporean human rights expert retained by NYU Law School whose strong anti-gay-rights sentiments were noted here yesterday, has withdrawn and will not teach here in the fall. NYU Law cites “the atmosphere of hostility by some members of our community towards her views and by the low enrollments in her classes.” Thio has no comment at present.

Thio has her defenders. “By pressurising the university to rescind Dr Thio’s appointment, thereby averting a potential showdown, are we not practising the same repressive tactics used by our oppressors?” says Leona’s Blog. “We may want to outshout (metaphorically) and probably silence people like Thio, perhaps in the pursuit of political correctness,” says Sam’s Thoughts. “But in doing so, do we ourselves threaten the foundations of diversity that underpin their existence and their perspectives?”

Well, she can always try Liberty University, though there the debate would probably be a little one-sided.