Cronkite Funeral Held in New York


Legendary newsman Walter Cronkite’s funeral was held today at St. Bartolomew’s on Park Avenue. (The former CBS anchor passed on Friday at the age of 92.) As expected, the services were attended by celebrity newspeople and well as family and friends, and ended New-Orleans style with “When The Saints Go Marching In.” Many paid tribute online. “Just left a beautiful service for Walter Cronkite,” tweeted Barbara Walters. “Every newsperson from each network was there to pay tribute.” “Too bad Cronkite isn’t here to manufacture credence to false charge of racism leveled by Gates & 2nded by POTUS,” said Andrew Breitbart of Big Hollywood. “Media bias is everything.” Well, there’s always one. Cronkite will be buried in a family plot in Kansas City, and memorialized next month at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center.