Dick Move Has a New Teengirl Fantasy 12-Inch, Which Isn’t Nearly As Pervy As It Sounds


If you haven’t had the pleasure of stumbling onto the blog Pukekos, you should. Brooklyn’s B.J. Rubin is a meticulous documenter of underground music from the past decade or so, and routinely offers up digital downloads of long lost releases ranging from an SST Sonic Youth CD with no paper trail to a very early, rare High Places EP.

Along with being a member of the faux lounge lizard jazz standards outfit Puttin’ On the Ritz and dabbling in stand-up storytelling, Rubin’s also assumed the mantle of producer for his label, Dick Move, for a new Teengirl Fantasy 12-inch. Teengirl Fantasy turned heads, mainly in the dirtier DIY corners of the electronic circuit with their early ’09 TGIF EP, which clocked in somewhere between a John Hughes movie’s climactic coda and the ubiquitous white boy mashups popularized by Girl Talk. The material that Rubin and the Oberlin-based band recorded over last weekend (“between the hours of 10am and 5am on July 18th and 19th, 2009”) is the aural equivalent of a new shirt and shave. And when this thing is put to vinyl (100 copies, to be sold… in Amsterdam), it’ll surely land a couple spins at dives and downtown lounges alike. And just maybe they’ll play some of it tomorrow, when they play the Automotive High School in Williamsburg for the Rooftop Films’ Animation Block Party.