Harry Reid Delays Health Care Till After Vacation, Leaving Henry Louis Gates to Heal Our Wounds


President Obama went to a lot of trouble last night to explain the concept behind his health care plan — “So taxpayers are already putting this money into the kitty. The problem is they’re not getting a good deal for the money they’re spending,” etc. — and now Harry Reid says, whatever dude, see you in the fall. The Majority Leader says the Senate won’t touch the thing till after summer recess, leaving Democrats hopping mad — “Wondering if Harry Reid has a primary opponent – they deserve some $$$ today,” says Cruikshank — and conservatives, who only heard blah blah blah during the health bits last night, free to obsess on Obama’s remarks on Henry Louis Gates’ arrest.

“Bill Cosby ‘shocked’ by Obama’s remarks,” reports Hot Air. “‘The Man’ is always getting down on the black dude,” reasons American Power. “But those dudes commit the most crimes, and profiling is perfectly legitimate as a crimefighting tool when the odds are that a certain demographic is prone to particular types of criminal activity.” The demographic to which he refers, we assume, is Harvard professors in Cambridge; that’s the only way this makes sense.

Others demanded equal time for white people menaced by blacks. “Did Obama condemn the black youths that were threatening a white family in Ohio on Independence Day weekend or did I just miss it?” says Be John Galt. “Sorry, I forgot for a minute. Only ‘typical white people’ can be racist.”

John Hagen says, “I’m seeing real push-back by the American public here,” by which he apparently means the officer in the Gates dispute, who has explained that he can’t be racist because he once gave mouth-to-mouth to Reggie Lewis.

Some, apparently tiring of their usual occupation of beating up Obama, turn their wrath on Gates. “I don’t care who or what you are,” says GOP Mom. “if you do not comply with the reasonable request a police officer makes of you… you not only deserve to spend a night in the clink, you deserve a swift kick to the head.” Keep this in mind, citizen, next time you have trouble with your front door. “If you study his pictures in how he poses,” says Lame Cherry, showing us Gates with arms folded in an uppity manner, “this Harvard ‘historian’ which is code for leftist propandist who rewrites history on the Marxist order, is so full of hisself that when he poops his turds spell out Henry Louis Gates jr.” Also: “If the Police show up, you show them respect, because it was what God orders one to do in respecting authority.”

Did somebody say something about health care? Don’t throw out your home remedies yet, it’s going to be a while. Photo (cc) Mike Licht.