High Line Mysteries Explained


The Times explains the brilliant display of begonias on the awning of an old building at Washington at 13th Street, which has been much noticed by perambulators of the High Line. It turns out recently-deceased party planner Robert Isabell liked to do stuff like that — he once covered the central staircase of the Metropolitan Museum of Art with white tulips for an event — and wanted to enliven the facades of his Meat-Packing District building with greenery, but only got so far as the begonia patch when he passed.

The Times has been good on explicating the mysteries of the High Line; last month they featured the Renegade Cabaret Patty Heffley conducts from her fire escape for bemused High Liners. (You can find the Cabaret’s video here.)

Eventually we’d like to also know if there will be street performances which may be viewed from through the window of the High Line’s benched pit. Surely some guerrilla theater enthusiasts are collecting sawhorses for such a purpose? Photo (cc) David Berkowitz.