Mosquito Poisoning Next Week in Bronx, Queens, Staten Island


The recent discovery of West Nile virus in Bronx mosquitoes has apparently got the Department of Health concerned, and they’ve started “aerial larviciding” — that is, dropping poison from helicopters — to cut it back. They actually hit some targets last month, and will recommence firing next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Pelham Bay Park North in The Bronx; Alley Pond Park, Linden Hill/College Point, Flushing, Edgemere, and Somerville in Queens; and Arlington, Old Place, Howland Hook, Bloomfield, Chelsea, Travis, Fresh Kills, Richmond Town, and Port Mobile in Staten Island. The VectoBac and VectoLex they’re using — both containing “naturally occurring bacteria” — apparently require no special precautions on the part of residents, but you might keep in mind that the helicopters will be “low-flying.” Image (cc) WmJas.