New York Mount Eerie Show to Be By Far the Most Metal


So the tourdates are up, and it’s official: New York is getting the most metal Mount Eerie show by far. Where most of Phil Elverum’s dates are with some combination of likeminded old souls No Kids, Karl Blau, and Tara Jane O’Neil, New York will get–in honor of Wind’s Poem, the new not-really-black-metal-but-certainly-distantly-black-metal-inspired Mount Eerie LP–local USBM acolytes Liturgy and another black metal act TBA whose name we cannot yet announce (it’s not Krallice, contrary to this report), on Halloween no less. The show, curated by Todd P and SOTC buddy Brandon Stosuy, of Show No Mercy, etc., will take place at the Market Hotel, and will surely have the most entertainingly confused crowd on an already always extremely confusing night. To get ready, listen to the blackest song off the LP, “Wind’s Dark Poem,” here, or try Brandon’s excellent Believer interview with Elverum here, in which the two discuss War and Peace, salmon, Norway, and how stones are the opposite of wind.