The Gay-Friendliest Actor On the Planet


Remember the old days, when actors would studiously avoid gay roles or projects because of what creepy people out there might think? Well, sexuality pioneers like James Franco have been making that kind of career queasiness as obsolete as separate restrooms for gays.

In his already impressive career, the dreamy-eyed Franco has:

*Starred in Sonny, a Nicolas Cage-directed film in which he was a hustler who dabbled in men when he had to

*Played Harvey Milk’s cutest lover of all in the Oscar winning Milk about a fiery politico with hot boyfriends

*Directed a body-fluids-filled student film which one critic described as “one of the gayest stories ever told”

*And now he’s playing poet and boy-lover Allen Ginsberg in the upcoming gayfest Howl, which will require much drabbing down and camping up.

Oh, and did I mention Franco’s also my boyfriend? And then I wake up.