Under the Toque: Keller to Set Up Shop on the West Side; Chefs on Drugs


Thomas Keller is rumored to be opening a new restaurant on the West Side. One of the new high-rise buildings in Chelsea is the alleged location for the Per Se chef-owner’s new venture, which is expected sometime in the fall.
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The latest in the Mr. Chow saga comes from his attorney, Alan Kluger, who claims to have hard evidence that Philippe Chau changed his name to Chow only after he opened Philippe to purposely confuse Mr. Chow customers.
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Matthew Schaeffer, formerly of Le Bernardin, earned praise at Bussaco in Park Slope for his buttermilk fried chicken. The chef can now be found in the kitchen at Mermaid Inn, and so can his fried chicken recipe: “a baby, a poussin, that’s brined briefly and then soaked in buttermilk and then deep fried.”
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Mario Batali is already back in front of the camera, this time for a role as a restaurateur in Bitter Feast, a “darkly comic thriller” currently filming in Manhattan and Woodstock. He stars alongside Josh Leonard and James LeGros in a tale of culinary revenge, the chef vs. critic kind.
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What is it with cooks and drugs? Is it just that chefs are the new rock stars? Or does it have more to do with chefs being in the pleasure business and more prone to hedonism?
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