Bloomberg Gets Another Out-of-Town Endorsement


Mayor Bloomberg has been endorsed for reelection by the president of the New Jersey state senate and former governor, Richard Codey. While he was governor, Codey said, Bloomberg “blew me away with his intellect and his ability to cut right through the red tape, identify a solution, and go after it.” You may wonder why a Jersey pol’s endorsement is meaningful for a New York mayoral candidate, but Bloomberg has received other endorsements from out-of-town politicians, including D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, Newark Mayor Corey Booker, Sullivan County activist David Mixner, the Council of African Imams in the Americas, and Jose Feliciano, Like his well-publicized Presidential ambitions, they give an impression of national importance, which can be helpful in swaying voters convinced that they live in a world capital.

Conversely, Liz Benjamin thinks it’s “unfortunate timing,” because given the recent corruption scandal, “to link a New York politician seeking re-election to New Jersey at this moment seems more like a curse than a blessing.”