Cheek, in Review: 7 Days of Runnin’ Scared


Twitpic by tedsink.

Last weekend’s Siren Festival left many of us groggy, and a good thing too, as the week that followed was best seen in soft focus.

President Obama and Henry Louis Gates were the comedy team of the week.

Mayor Bloomberg, angry about the way mayoral school control was going, compared state senators to Nazis. Bill Thompson tried to throw him off with an audit of graduation rates, but despite universal condemnation of Joel Klein, he didn’t get much out of it. In fact the Mayor got NYU frozen out of an allegedly pending mayoral control deal. It all kept people’s mind off how bad he messed up with the Deutsche Bank fire.

But the Mayor better stay sharp, because The Naked Cowboy is in the race now, and he’s running hard.

Richard Ravitch wasn’t Lieutenant Governor. Then he was! Till Monday, at least.

Nude Erin Andrews remained a big hit — big enough to give a virus to thousands of searchers after the footage. The Post ran stills and got the back of ESPN‘s hand for it.

Tom Wolfe was, as usual, a pain in the ass. Sonia Sotomayor got an anthem.

Studies in Crap rocked a Rambo coloring book.

Someone Got Murdered: at Washington Avenue and St. John’s Place, 3009 Beverly Road, 1210 Bergen Avenue, 876 58th Street, 77 Varet Street, and at an auto repair shop on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn; at 180-06 144th Avenue in Queens; at 3665 Laconia Avenue and East 203rd and the Grand Concourse in The Bronx.

A Siena poll confirmed: New York sucks! But we don’t think it’s so bad. The Times gave bikers a temperance lecture. Jimmy Breslin said a few words about a dead pigeon. Madonna‘s erotic faxes went on the block.

Gowanus got dumpster pools. Tribeca had to cut back on domestic service. The East Side saw their planned subway line pushed back. Staten Island was ungrateful for a property tax freeze. Coney Island got a raw deal from the city council. And most of the public officials in New Jersey were arrested, including a kidney peddler.

A puppy lost her fifth leg; local man offers to sew it back on.

Allen Barra once again leapt to the defense of Roger Clemens. The Mets were doing so well they decided to keep the winning team of Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel. Re-sign Tony Bernazard and 2010 will be our best year ever!

A cop filched some doughnuts. Chris Brownapologized.” NYU smoked the neighbors, and lost an anti-gay human rights professor. Hillary got dissed by North Korea. Homeless activists took over a vacant lot, but were evicted.

RIP Walter Cronkite, Frank McCourt, and this week.