Ducktails’ Matt Mondanile Grows Another Limb, Calls It Parasails


Perhaps even more than James Ferraro, de facto godfather of what the Wire has decided to dub “hypnagogic pop” (they must’ve known what they were getting into), Matt Mondanile is seemingly an octopus. Separating what normally could be called sessions, or maybe EPs, into different projects, the dude from Ridgewood, NJ is behind Ducktails, a solo effort specializing in hazy, muffled beats and meandering, breezy guitar delay. Now, along with his bands Real Estate and Predator Vision, count the Parasails as a second (or third?) solo project.

There really isn’t an ocean standing between Mondanile’s Parsails and Ducktails (they rhyme, after all), but let’s try and make one, since isn’t that part of the fun? Based on the tracks floating around, the Parasails rely less on phasing and delaying the signal than Ducktails, and the result is a slightly springier mid-day intensity, like Mondanile recorded Ducktails at 4am, and Parasails came at noon.

[Via Rose Quartz]