Naked Cowboy Holds First Mayoral Campaign Event: Underwear Run


Having just announced his candidacy for Mayor of New York City, Times Square entertainer The Naked Cowboy is not wasting any time getting his campaign off the ground. He will serve as Grand Marshall of an underwear run in Central Park tonight. The 1.7 mile event, which is apparently an annual tradition attached to this weekend’s New York City Triathlon, starts at Dead Road at 7:30 p.m. Registration is closed but spectators are encouraged. With The Naked Cowboy’s involvement, organizers hope to break the world’s underwear-running attendance record of 146; if he does, what a feather in his Stetson that will be. TNC claims to favor “progressive” policies versus “tinkle-down” economics, and declares, “no more tax breaks just because you’re wealthy.” Reverend Billy, have a care! Photo (cc) Esparta.