Obama Takes “PO$H” Vacation in Taxachusetts While the People Suffer


“Despite growing unemployment numbers across the U.S.,” the Post breathlessly announces, “the first family is planning to spend their summer vacation on a lavish East Coast getaway that could cost taxpayers up to $50,000 a week.” And since the Obama’s will be spending one week there, that comes out to $50,000 in possible, if unconfirmed, taxpayer expense. This comes about six months into his Presidency, which puts him on a pace to rack up 112 vacation days over two terms — not much compared to Bush’s record-breaking pace, but pretty good for a socialist.

It’s a little early for rightbloggage (the vacation will take place at the end of August) but The D.C. Writeup gets out in front. “Obamas Embrace Luxury, Unemployment Numbers Still Dismal,” they cry, and tell us that “The Kennedy’s are famous for their compound in Hyannis Port that costs around $7 to $8 million and the Clinton family vacations to the area are legendary.” Presumably Obama will join them and drown and/or sodomize some poor girl.

Meanwhile The Smoking Gun has the Henry Louis Gates police report, which doesn’t add much to what we know, but contains the marvelous line, “Upon learning that Gates was affiliated with Harvard, I radioed and requested the presence of the Harvard University Police.” Yeah, they’ll know how to handle this guy!