Oh, Lord: Gwyneth Paltrow Roasts a Chicken


It’s fine that Gwyneth Paltrow likes to roast a chicken–who doesn’t like a nice roast chicken with potatoes? It’s fine that she says she’s de-boning it when she’s really just butterflying it, that she only uses Maldon sea salt, that she uses the word “gorge” for “gorgeous.” But honestly, Gwyneth, please don’t try to sell us on the fact that this is fast food, a “quick,” “one-pan” meal. You used a pan to boil the potatoes. You used a pan to blanch the carrots. You used a pan to roast the chicken. That’s a three-pan meal.

Not to mention the fact that the salad has fresh fava beans in it! Me thinks that Gwyneth may have someone to blanch and peel those favas for her, because fresh fava beans are the most time-consuming vegetable known to man. Also, peeling a bunch of tiny fingerling potatoes is not fast. And please don’t talk to us about clean-up.

Don’t worry kiddies! There will be more Gwyneth cooking videos coming your way!

[E Online via Jezebel]