Our 10 Best Cocktail Lounges


We at Fork in the Road have been known to enjoy a tipple or two. Be it for a bowl of punch or a stiff martini, you can often find us at the bar, bellied-up with the best of them. Sure, we like a glass of wine, and we certainly won’t turn down a pint of beer. But when it comes to starting an evening off right, we look for a drink mixed by a skilled hand and made with the pretty liquors and liqueurs that tempt us from the back bar. And so, for this week’s 10 Best, we thought we’d humbly offer up Our 10 Best cocktail lounges.

We’ve chosen bars that consistently turn out good cocktails, be they classic or contemporary, that can be sipped in a civilized atmosphere. We’ll get around to our favorite dive bars at some point, trust us. But for now we’re feeling sophisticated.

Did the World’s Best Bar make the list? Click through to find out.

1. Clover Club, 210 Smith Street, Brooklyn, 718-855-7939
2. Death & Co., 433 East Sixth Street, 212-388-0882
3. Milk & Honey, 134 Eldridge Street, 212-625-3397
4. King Cole, St. Regis Hotel, 2 East 55th Street, 212-753-4500
5. B-Flat, 277 Church Street, 212-219-2970
6. PDT, 113 St. Marks Place, 212-614-0386
7. Pegu Club, 77 West Houston Street, 212-473-7348
8. The Campbell Apartment, 15 Vanderbilt Avenue, 212-953-0409
9. Brandy Library, 25 North Moore Street, 212-226-5545
10. Temple Bar, 332 Lafayette Street, 212-925-4242

Is your favorite bar not on the list? Tell us about it so we can have ourselves a drink there.