Remembering When Trail of Dead Serenaded Us in the Niagara Basement


Another summer Sunday, another Pool Party on the East River. This week, along with such lively entertainers as Black Lips (expect props, antics, maybe a dirty live chicken) and Health (expect refreshingly calamitous noise), Williamsburg-by-way-of-Austin’s Trail of Dead are on the bill. Which is just as good of an excuse any to repost these videos we filmed last winter of them performing “Bells of Creation” and “Insatiable” (both parts) for us in the Tompkins-Square-adjacent basement of Niagara, on the corner of 7th and Avenue A. Mind you, this was shot in February, Trail of Dead were stripped down to a trio, and bundled in winter clothes. Not frigid: the entire interview writer Rob Trucks did with frontman Conrad Keely, which is really worth revisiting. Especially for quotes like this. “You know, I hate authority. I hate, you know, police. Unless they’re protecting me [laughs].” [Possibly 4th Street 27: Trail of Dead]