Rockaway School Bus Aide Charged with Sexual Wedgies


Darnell “Michael” Washington, a school bus aide working for Philippe and Elmer Transportation and serving P.S. 183 in Rockaway Beach, is up on charges of molesting young boys in his care, the Rockaway Wave reports. The Queens D.A.’s office says that Washington’s M.O. was to give what were characterized as “wedgies” to students, which contrary to tradition also included groping of their buttocks and genitalia. In at least one case Washington’s maneuver tore a boy’s underwear. When the children became distressed, the aide would offer them candy. When first picked up for an offense against a nine-year-old in April, Washington was found to have pictures of nude children on his cell phone; still in jail, he was charged again this week with similar assaults on a seven- and an eight-year-old. Photo (cc) moneydick.