Ted Leo Did In Fact Play Last Night


And there’s footage to prove it. unARTigNYC have the weirdly pristine video and audio to new jam “Where Was My Brain,” part of a set that started after the worst of the rain, around 7:50pm, and went on for around an hour and a half. Leo’s Twitter tells the tale, as always, moving from excitement (WE’RE GONNA TRY AND DO A REALLY SHORT SET NOW!!) to anxiety (Well, that happened…), rage (Jeez – I love Brooklyn Vegan, but can a guy who’s just trying to play a goddamned show in spite of the weather get a friggin’ break?), and, finally, acceptance (…but we all made the best of it, right? Thanks again for braving it with us!). Also, apparently, a Twins reference was made. Nothing stops Ted Leo.