Week in Review: Do Not Go to Siren Fest Hungover!


In the week we spent the early hours of recovering from Siren Festival–highlights of which were many and varied and included a photo of Das Racist daring to eat a type of food the duo doesn’t rap about–we were officially and publicly reprimanded by the Fiery Furnaces, in a sarcasm/irony-off for the ages. Or the hours. Whatever.

Yes In My Backyard correspondent Christopher R. Weingarten managed to write the sentence “Named after the actress who was killed at Auschwitz, the track is far more upbeat than the title implies, though the androgynous vocals do scream out “Don’t let them get you” as the track shuttles forward” by way of plugging a new download from Werewolves (her name: “Nora Gerson”). Our other YIMBY offering of the week? Lo-fi champs the Beets, who gave us “Don’t Fit In My Head” to give to you.

Live: Paul McCartney let it be at Not-Shea-Stadium, Marcus Roberts Trio played Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, and The Lowbrow Reader presented Peter Stampfel, Larkin Grimm, and our frenemies the Fiery Furnaces at Housing Works.

All Points West, which starts next weekend, is definitely looming over NYC: the Beastie Boys were forced to cancel after the deplorable news that Adam Yauch was diagnosed with a (treatable) parotid gland tumor, sparking a wave of predictable but sad brass monkey jokes across the land, while Jay-Z stepped up to fill in for the group. Expect “Run This City.” Or not: some of us, believe it are not, are going mostly for Coldplay, who have a new video out and who just purchased some real estate in New York’s very own East Village. Maybe they can come over and explain that “Snakesweat” video?

Matt & Kim show up in the strangest places, like in NBC promos, according to our crack in-house M&K investigative team. They also show up in that new Todd P documentary which, talk about a guy who shows up in lots of places.

And though I personally may be herbing myself out here by harping on it, a guy named Kenneth Rogers, who is a miserable human being, is suing VIBE magazine. Terrible.

Elsewhere, The-Dream announced his retirement, which hopefully is like most rapper retirements, i.e. not a retirement. Teengirl Fantasy have a new record out, as does Ducktails’ Matt Mondanile, under the name Parasails. Woods, Obits, and Lissy Trullie all have new videos out, at various degrees of awesomeness/Richard Kernity, while DFA finally let go that great summer mix we all knew they were holding back for a rainy Thursday.

Plus alternate perspectives on the New York Press‘s heartfelt memorial for the Shank, which was an after-hours club, although not, we assure you, one of “unprecedented size and bravado,” remembering the time when Trail of Dead serenaded us in the Niagara Basement, and looking forward to when they’ll do so again this Sunday, Mount Eerie’s black metal NYC tour stop, Sufjan Stevens’ commemorative BQE set, James Blunt on Weird Al twitter violence, the twin Warp Records/Rock Hall 25th Anniversary fall apocalypses, and far more goodies down somewhere beneath this post which, being from the past, is now where they belong. Like this week. Next one, as you know, starts Monday. See you then.