20 Best Stoned Faces of All Time (Or at Least the Past Six Months)


We’re not saying they are stoned, even if some of these folks happened to be photographed at a High Times event or a hippie bonanza like Bonnaroo. But that dopey-eyed, obliterated, squinty-face caught forever on camera is always a hoot. Here are some of our favorites we’ve captured out in the clubs over the last few months.

Bonnaroo is for lovers. . . with impaired vision.

Holy shit, is he dead? No he’s just at Bonnaroo.

Central Casting dream-come-true for that Dazed and Confused sequel that’s coming out. . . never.

Everything’s funny after you hot box, even the towel you stuffed under the door.

Poor high-faced dude, desperately trying to remember what this girl’s name is.


This circular hippie trap keeps the Bonnaroo victim confused and disoriented for hours.

Sometimes crawling just feels so good.

Hmm, munchies?

Going to the High Times 4/20 party means spending hours deciding which shirt stating the obvious you should wear.

Cool, dude, just don’t roll on us.


Ok, this guy actually looks cool.

You know it’s time to evaluate priorities when you start weed accessorizing.

MSTRKRFT makes the girls weak in the knees, apparently.

Mark the Bagger (left) of Bam Margera’s Jackass entourage, redefining the standards for seeming “shit-faced.”

This is what a smoke ring looks like after a few hours hanging with these dudes.


Girl pothead, about to smoke everyone else under the table?

High fives. Get it? Ba-dum ching!

Two DJs trying desperately to remember which way to Kanye West.

High Times veteran Rick Cusick. Nuff said.

Macaulay Culkin stumbled into Andrea Grant’s pro-cleavage poetry reading, looking happy to be there. Then again, he kind of always looks like that.

Photos by Nate “Igor” Smith, Araceli Cruz, Justin Reynolds, Nick Atlas.