BREAKING! Someone Has Relieved Himself in a Subway Station!


The New York Times doesn’t know how to tell you this, but New York City Transit President Howard H. Roberts came to know of an unspeakable act recently performed at the Rector Street subway station. It seems — brace yourself — “someone used an entrance to the Rector Street station in Lower Manhattan as a public bathroom. Yuh don’t say! We hate to break it to the noobs, but once upon a time everyone pissed and shat in the subway. Hell, it was considered rude not to. The Voice actually gave a “Best Subway-Station Piss-Odor Pungency” award in 2002 (Canal Street won). For endurance of bog-stank, though, we think 2nd Avenue should get some sort of lifetime achievement award.

President Roberts’ remarks were tied in to the MTA’s reduced budget for cleaning the subways. We think the idea is to send shivers down your spine so you’ll pay $200 for a MetroCard rather than face the prospect of pee smell in the subway. Well, we’re old school, and we aren’t intimidated. In fact, we’re mainly relieved to learn that the smell isn’t us.

Image via Benetton Talk.