Dash Snow: A Community Memorial Now Open at Deitch


A friend sent the above video to Barr’s “The B-Side Is Silent” along the day Dash Snow died, an inadvertent tribute more moving and muted than, say, yesterday’s New York Times‘s uncomfortably hard-edged “Terrible End for an Enfant Terrible” piece (“It was a gruesome end — a pathetic end…” jesus fucking christ guys) or any number of other sideways takes that have floated around since July 13. Deitch Projects are also doing their part to make the artist’s goodbye a bit more graceful: the gallery’s community memorial, which will run through August 15th and which features “photographs and video of Dash and works of art made for Dash and works made in his memory,” plus an open wall and many, many flowers, is now on view. Arrested Motion has a comprehensive look at what’s inside. Still terribly sad. [h/t AnimalNY]