Death By Audio’s Robot Pedal Is Out, Beep Boop Bee Boooooooo. That, and Other Notes on A Place To Bury Strangers.


When A Place To Bury Strangers breezed into Siren Festival over a week ago, it was admittedly something of a disconnect to see them without seizure-inducing strobe lights or industrial-erotic projections. Frontman Oliver Ackermann sort of agreed that broad daylight might not be the best circumstances for their Saucony-gazing atmospherics. (Q: “Do A Place to Bury Stranger tunes translate well into daytime gigs?” A: “I don’t necessarily think so, but that’s okay.”) But then about two-thirds through their set, Ackermann got into a brawl with his war-torn guitar, spun it around in a fit of animal bloodlust, fought it off like an attack dog, and tore off its strings. Text-book rock move, perhaps, but still pretty awesome.

Ackermann, of course, also runs the effects-pedal company Death By Audio. As he told us right before Siren, in addition to working on a new APTBS release, he’s also been building the Robot, a blocky pedal that, well, “just makes whatever you’re playing sound like a robot.” The piece is officially available on the Death By Audio site, costs $320, and utilizes an 8-bit transposer, and according that demonstration video below, can mimic noises like an electric power-drill to a Space Invaders surge to the Haunted Mansion creepy organ. Perhaps, as a listener, if you’re interested in this sort of thing, you should just stick with Daft Punk or chiptune kids Anamanaguchi. But that DOS font sure is neat, no?

That new record comes out on October 6, is called Exploding Head, and is not about a hangover. Here’s the official tracklist:

01 It Is Nothing
02 In Your Heart
03 Lost Feeling
04 Deadbeat
05 Keep Slipping Away
06 Ego Death
07 Smile When You Smile
08 Everything Always Goes Wrong
09 Exploding Head
10 I Live My Life to Stand in the Shadow of Your Heart