“Delicate, Tiny Starlets” in Palin Speech: Judd, Portman, Thumbelina?


There has been some speculation on the identity of the “delicate, tiny, very talented starlets” whom Sarah Palin identified as environmentalist enemies of gun freedom in her farewell address yesterday. Some sources think she means Ashley Judd (5’7″); others suggest Natalie Portman (5’3″ ) or Linda Hunt (4’9″). We are pushing the theory that the now-former Alaska Governor was thinking not of an actress but of a character: Thumbelina (2″), from the children’s film of the same name, in which the thumb-sized character has adventures with mice and birds, which may discourage children from shooting them.

The rest of the speech was about her achievements in office and the pusillanimity of the media, and how Palin’s departure 18 months before the end of her term would be good for Alaska, with which sentiment there is general agreement.