It’s All Fun and Games Until Somebody Dies at the Gathering of the Vibes Fest


Gathering of the Vibes Festival, the 14-year-old lark of a four-day concert in Bridgeport, Connecticut, concluded its 2009 edition on Sunday in a deluge of rain, Grace Potter, CSN, and Buddy Guy, tallying tens of thousand people in attendance and one mysterious dead body. The AP reports:

    Police are investigating the death of a person whose body was found near the campsite of the four-day Gathering of the Vibes concert in Bridgeport.

The body was discovered early Sunday morning at the west side of Seaside Park, where the concert was being held. Police say they’re looking into reports that someone dumped the body and drove off, but a city spokeswoman says the death does not appear to be the result of foul play.

The person who died has not been identified.

Rolling Stone adds that the death was “the first on-site fatality in the history of the festival” (as opposed to off-site fatalities?), which also featured George Clinton and Bob Weir, and quote the police as saying it may have been “medically related,” which seems like code for a drug overdose. Celeb Stoner clarifies, tracing the cause of death back to the “nitrous mafia.” Yikes. Says one commenter: “I AM SO SAD!!!!!!!! NO MORE F’N NITROUS!!! You are ruining our good vibes!” Or, you know, killing people.