Post Exposé: Naked Cowboy Lives in Jersey, Works Out


The New York Post civic-mindedly presents readers with “The Truth About the Naked Cowboy,” which comes in the form of an at-home profile of the recently-announced mayoral candidate. We are told that Robert Burck, as he is known away from his work, rises early, exercises, quotes motivational authors such as Anthony Robbins and Friedrich Nietzsche, lives in Jersey with his personal-trainer girlfriend (he previously resided in a “cheap Secaucus motel”), and dreams of wealth and fame. He also says he makes between $200 and $300 an hour busking in Times Square — far more than, say, a world-renowned violinist. The Post also provides a gallery of 18 photos, in some of which the subject appears clothed and resembles a bouncer at a seaside bar. The Naked Cowboy’s performance has not been polled, but we expect this can only give his chances a lift.

Elsewhere, some observers are reminded of the 1968 Love Party candidate for President, Louis Abolafia, who appeared in campaign literature naked with his genitals covered and the slogan, “What Have I Got to Hide?” Abolafia lost to Richard Nixon and died of a drug overdose in 1995. Photo (cc) Esparta.