Unilever to Cut Trans Fats; A Cocktail for Each Borough


In response to popular demand from consumers, margarine maker Unilever has decided to remove all partially hydrogenated oils — or trans fats — from its soft-spread brands, including I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and Country Crock.
[USA Today]

Some 22 percent of restaurants in the city were never inspected during 2008. More than 5,800 New York restaurants failed at least one inspection, and 20 percent of those were not reinspected within 45 days, as is required.
[NY Daily News]

As growth in the organic foods sector begins to slow, organic farmers and supermarkets are embracing lower-cost, private-label products. Supervalu expanded its Wild Harvest organic brand to 312 items from 150, while Safeway started selling its organic brands to other retailers.
[Wall Street Journal]

If you are what you drink — as five New York bartenders each from a different borough claim is the case — then if you’re from Staten Island, apparently you’re a Jager Bomb, a shot of Jagermeister dropped into a glass of Red Bull, and chugged.
[NY Daily News]

Spoiled food alert: A California company has issued a nationwide recall — in addition to a recall for products shipped to Puerto Rico and Canada — on its romaine lettuce after salmonella was found in heads of lettuce in Wisconsin.