What Makes Someone Sleazy Looking?


I generally never make fun of the way people look unless it’s the result of something voluntary, like excessive surgery or rotten dye jobs. But occasionally someone’s natural-born visage will scream “sleazy” and I’ll have to comment on it–especially when the awful first impression turns out to be totally true.

For me, the worst offense is when they have no upper lip whatsoever. This always signifies “Must avoid! They have no scruples either”!

Some other really bad signposts:

Beady eyes, either too far apart or too close together.

No neck.

Pitted skin.

A nose that points to the side, with uneven nostrils.

And (don’t make me even think about it, I’ll retch) unnaturally large ears. Blech!!!

What reeks of sleazy looks to you? (And please don’t link to my photo.)