Blade Runner Dish From Way Back


People who like Ridley Scott‘s 1982 sci-fi mood piece Blade Runner don’t just like it; they worship it, eat it, breathe it, and want to fuck it to sleep.

And they will absolutely adore a new book I’m reading by the film’s producer, Michael Deeley, called Blade Runners, Deer Hunters, And Blowing The Bloody Doors Off–My Life in Cult Movies.

Among the retro revelations about the futuristic film:

*Dustin Hoffman was originally supposed to play the lead role, “but Dustin’s enthusiasm for detail and insistence that every word of the script be micromanaged began to have a leaden effect.”

*Harrison Ford, who replaced him, didn’t get along with Ridley Scott because he felt Scott didn’t give him enough personal direction, concentrating too much on supporting players. Ford also didn’t hit it off with costar Sean Young, who felt “he showed her no respect.”

*When Rutger Hauer showed up to meet Scott, the Dutch actor wore “pink silk pants and a Kenzo sweater with a fox fur draped over his shoulder. He had bleached his hair and was wearing Elton John-style glasses. Ridley was seriously upset, convinced that we had foisted on him a gay activist to play the most aggressively masculine part in the picture.”

Oh, please! Haven’t these people ever heard of acting? I mean, think of… any number of fops who end up acting butch!