Daily Mail: Madonna’s Scary Sinew Fault of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Trainer


Madonna’s arms spurred headlines today when news outlets got a load of a photo that appears to reveal the star’s once
healthy looking guns have taken on reptilian sinew. The Daily Mail
thinks they might be the fault of fitness guru Tracy Anderson.

“Perhaps she [Madonna] needs to rethink her fitness sessions with personal
trainer Tracy Anderson, which involve gruelling two-hour workouts six days a
week while drinking coconut water to keep energy levels high,” says the Mail. “Miss Anderson
is based in New York but flew to London to help the star prepare for her
European tour. She was introduced to Madonna by Gwyneth Paltrow, who began
working out after giving birth to son Moses in 2006.”

Anderson’s workouts do focus on arms an awful lot, but the thing is, as the Voice learned
from Paltrow’s PR person Emily Yomtobian, the actress still engages in sweat-sessions
with Anderson. Since Paltrow’s bod seems to look nothing like
, perhaps Anderson is innocent of guiding the singer toward hard-bodied

In any event, according to Anderson’s rep, Julia Cuddihy Van
Nice, Anderson won’t be declaring either guilt or innocence as far as
Madonna’s explicit biceps go. The rep writes the former dancer has a “hectic
schedule,” and so can’t do any interviews on the topic at this time.


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