Fabolous Releases Loso’s Way Today, Unveils Twitter Campaign We Always Knew He Had In Him


Alright, alright Fab, we give–did you know that today is the long-awaited release date of Fabolous’s Loso’s Way, a record we’d been cautiously anticipating until we remembered that all of Fab’s records are the same semi-disappointing cyclone of r&b collabos and bad puns? (“I’m not that little pregnant white girl, but Juno,” joo-know?) The Record Label’s Way, basically, says Sean Fennessey, in a forthcoming piece in this week’s Voice. But we’ve got loyalty to this man, who currently has the phrase “The Best To Ever Twit It” decorating his Twitter page in the exact same font he’s using for his album title, suggesting if nothing else he knows that his writing there is better than it is on anything he’s ever done on Def Jam. And plenty of Loso’s Way knocks, from the “The Way Intro” to “”Salute” to the space-age mean-mugging of “There He Go” and “Lullaby,” etc., so it’s not like this is the new Curtis mixtape or anything. So let’s get it, trending topic style, for a few hours, anyway. May he do Jadakiss numbers.