I Met Mary Jo Buttafuoco!


I arrived to shoot the hit HLN show Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell yesterday and found Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the makeup chair! She was doing the show too, talking about her new book, Getting It Through My Thick Skull. (I was there to talk about Sarah Palin‘s weird demonization of Hollywood, though the land of glittery illusion seems definitely where she belongs.)

Mary Jo thanked me for my writeup of her book, and I gushed to her about what a riveting read it was, and how the best part was her new life, after the stuff with the “sociopath,” Joey, was behind her. Her new man, Stu Tendler–who took the photo of me and Mary Jo–is so not a sociopath it isn’t even funny! He’s nice and caring, and though he quotes from Scarface, it’s with a healthy sense of distance! (Joey probably lives by the film literally.)

Mary Jo and Stu told me they’ve turned down reality shows wanting to follow them around. (“We finally got rid of the cameras–why would we want them back?”) We talked about Michael Jackson, and Mary Jo said he clearly suffered from a facial version of “body dysmorphic dysfunction. It’s like when an anorectic girl looks at herself and sees fat.” And by the end of our meeting, Mary Jo gave me her business card, which is a little spiral notepad with dozens of blank pages in it. I’m sure they’ll eventually be filled with the many interesting chapters she has left.