Katherine Heigl Always Speaks The Ugly Truth


Katherine Heigl has always been known to be a firebrand who spouts honest if not always popular opinions about her various projects.

As Knocked Up was raking in the big bucks, she told the press she felt it was a tad sexist.

As Grey’s Anatomy was grabbing for its usual Emmy consideration, she informed the media that she wouldn’t submit herself for an award that year beause the writers had given her such insufficient material to work with (though the show responded that she’d asked for a lighter workload!).

And just recently, Heigl openly complained about the 17-hour day she and her TV castmates were subjected to when they got back to the set.

“Shut the fuck up!” I’m always tempted to say, especially since she’s ragging on people of my own trade–you know, writers. But then I realize, “Wait a minute! The woman is actually speaking the truth, or her version of it anyway. I’ve spent my whole life deriding bullshit artists who blather on about their suppposed labors of love while obscuring the world to any harsh realities or real feelings. Katherine Heigl is a soothsayer and a goddess, even though she’s a bit contradictory at times! Welcome her, please!”

So that is what I shall do. Welcome, Katherine. Just don’t rag on me, missy!