Little Buddy to Open First Retail Space


Little Buddy Biscuit Company is opening its first retail shop on Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn. The bakery will offer layer cakes, cookies, muffins, and quick breads, along with coffee. As per the Brooklyn aesthetic, the baked goods will be corn-syrup-free, natch.

According to the chef and owner’s blog (which you should not look at unless you would like to see a photo of a squished rat…) the bakery is slated to open tomorrow, Wednesday, July 29, but the post then goes on to say that we should “stay tuned for the real date.” Best guess? It’s probably three weeks out.

What’s a little bit funny about this is that Little Buddy currently supplies baked goods to two coffee shops on the same part of Fifth Avenue–Roots and Has Beans. Now that Little Buddy is opening its own coffee shop on the same two-block stretch, it’ll be competing with its own clients. And can the neighborhood support three coffee shops on the same two blocks? In any case, more cookies and cakes are always welcome.

635 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn