Mister Softee Meets David Caruso. Hilarity Ensues.


Summer has brought with it well-documented Mister Softee turf wars. But threats and intimidation pale in comparison to the specter of a man whose head is actually made of soft-serve, especially when he’s paired in a buddy comedy with David Caruso. Many thanks to the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck for shouting out this trailer for Swirlee, a 2000 short about a man “with a giant ice cream cone for a head” who “tries to commit suicide by melting in a warm bath,” according to the synopsis on IMDb.

Made during Caruso’s post-Jade lost years, before the actor found CSI salvation, Swirlee appears to exist only on YouTube. But if you’re looking for an excellent way to waste two minutes and 12 seconds on a Tuesday afternoon, you could do worse than the surreal preview, which promises a memorable time with “a man with a warm heart…and cold hands.”