Queens Man Claims $133M Mega Millions; Won on Quick Pick


Transit Collections Agent Aubrey Boyce of Kew Gardens revealed himself today as the winner of $133 million in a Mega Millions jackpot three weeks ago. Boyce, who says he spends $12 a week on lottery tickets, got his winner at Shiv Convenience on Hillside Avenue in Jamaica, and good news for lazy gamblers: he won it with a Quick Pick, on which he spent two dollars.

Let’s see how he took his money and fantasize about it:

Rather than take regular payments, Boyce — who is no dummy, and spent the past few weeks setting up a trust to optimize his money-handling — opted for the Lump Sum (and, in these troubled times, wouldn’t you?). That means he gets $82,762,912 “before required tax withholdings,” which should leave him with $54.6 million. (The store where he bought it gets $10,000). Though he initially said he wasn’t sure what his work plans were, Boyce told NY1 he quit his job today. Other than that, he says, “I really don’t know what I’ll do beyond just taking care of my family.”

Among his post-winning purchases, Boyce might want to pick up a DVD of Millions: A Lottery Story, about the fortunes of lottery millionaires after their ships came in. Boyce’s winning numbers were 25, 27, 35, 38, 39, and (Mega Ball) 28.