Rangel: Bloomberg Betrayed Voters’ Trust


Is the term limits question the third rail for Mike Bloomberg’s reelection campaign? That wily old dog Charlie Rangel seems to think so.

WNBC’s Gabe Pressman reports that in an interview, the Harlem congressman hammered hard at the mayor for violating “a trust” with the public, accusing him of not playing “by the rules.”

Here’s Rangel’s full quote, as cited on Pressman’s blog:

“The voters will have to decide whether they need someone who changes [their] registration, changes the laws in order to have another four years. As a Democrat we’re not prepared to accept that. When you join a club, you have to play by the rules. The people will have to decide whether you did not violate a trust.”

Since last fall, when the mayor successfully pushed a law change through the City Council to allow himself (and council members) to seek a third term, poll results on the move have been overwhelmingly negative. In early June, a joint Times/NY1 poll found that 58 percent disapproved of Bloomberg’s term limits extension, with just 37 percent approving.

You’ve got to believe that Rangel, a supporter of Democratic candidate Bill Thompson, had that in mind. And with today’s Q poll showing Thompson now just ten points behind the still-popular mayor, you’ve also got to wonder what the effect would be of a heavy advertising push reminding voters about Bloomberg’s turnaround on a law change he had once described, as Pressman points out, as “disgraceful.”

Oh wait, Bloomberg’s the one with the big advertising budget.