This Week in the Voice


School’s Out! But the Voice Educational Supplement is in session.

When cops made a bogus bust on 32 teens from Bushwick Community High, the kids kept their cool — and won their case against the NYPD. Why? Because they’d been trained how to respond to police overreach and entrapment by their teacher, Brian Favors. Maybe Henry Louis Gates should look him up! Elizabeth Dwoskin has the story.

What are they teaching kids in J-school these days? “How to make websites, shoot and edit video, build flash sites, and use multimedia,” apparently. Michael P. Ventura finds out why budding journalists aren’t hanging themselves, yet.

President Obama‘s controversial firing of Inspector General Gerald Walpin had a lot to do with New York — specifically the New York City Teaching Fellows program funded by AmeriCorps. The program has been remarkably successful — so successful, Stacy Cowley shows, that Walpin thought it no longer needed funding. Is that why he was fired?

Also from the Ed Supp: Arrrr, would ye be wantin’ t’ go t’ pirate school? And, does lagging male student achievement mean we should have all-boys schools?

Daniel Boloud‘s DBGB is “the restaurant of the moment,” says Sarah DiGregorio. Yeah, but is it any good? Hear how she likes flesh-food offerings like “‘The Piggy,’ a burger that should probably come with a side of Lipitor.”

We admit we were unfamiliar with “sexy Polish-American musical artist/DJ” Cazwell but Michael Musto‘s interview has made him a close personal friend. And don’t you want to hear about his Golden Pineapple?

Merce Cunningham remembered by Deborah Jowitt.


In Music: Ron Harvilla on Oneida, Sean Fennessey on Fabolous, Tal Rosenberg on ZE Records, Josh Chamberlain on Japanese Reggae fans.

In Film: Ella Taylor on The Cove, Scott Foundas on Funny People, Jim Ridley on Thirst, Nick Pinkerton on Lorna’s Silence and You, the Living, Vadim Rizov on Ghosted.

In Theater: Michael Feingold on Trilogia della Villeggiatura and Boris Gudonov, Alexis Soloski on London theater, Ben Beitler on Perfect Wedding.

In Dining: Robert Sietsema on gastropub The Smith.

In Art: Robert Shuster on We Come With the Beautiful Things at the Studio Museum in Harlem and Dan Wynn at Farmani Gallery.

In Dance: Deborah Jowitt on unconventional performance strategies.

Plus Ask a Mexican, Savage Love, Free Will Astrology, and what you will.